Why I Love the Hardwood Lumber Industry

Phuc Hoang – ITSEF Scholarship Recipient


Phuc Hoang was the recipient of the (ITSEF) Inspector Training School Educational Foundation Scholarship, for class 190. Each fall and spring, ITSEF awards scholarships to increase School enrollment and enrich student’s lives. Mr. Hoang submitted the following essay about why he loves the hardwood lumber industry.

The hardwood lumber industry is appealing to me because it serves a great purpose – utilizing the earth’s natural materials to better people’s lives.

I wanted to attend the NHLA Inspector Training School because its curriculum aligns perfectly with my career goals: to pursue a career in the hardwood lumber industry. I want to become a lumber exporter and attending the NHLA Inspector Training School enabled me to gain the necessary skills and knowledge I need to be successful.

I believe in “Kaizen,” which means “change for the better.” I strive to evolve for the betterment of myself and others. Kaizen is my motto. I want to succeed in the lumber industry by playing my part in creating a unique workplace that preserves cultural values.

In the lumber industry, one has to be proficient in grading lumber and familiarized with the logistics of wood exports and imports. I would love to travel the world, and I believe that it taught me the logistics of importing and exporting hardwoods to countries worldwide.

Honest, loyal, dedicated, intelligent, reputable, hardworking, and down-to-earth are some of the characteristics used to describe the people in the hardwood lumber industry, and I am honored to be a part of that group. I want to become one of the people that wakes up each day, prepared for the opportunity to perfect a craft I genuinely care about and love.

By pursuing a career in the hardwood lumber industry, I envision myself furthering areas of growth, leveraging technological advancements, expanding markets, and improving efficiencies.

To sum up, the hardwood lumber industry is not just about cutting logs into boards; it is also working within the cycle of processing timber into useful products like chairs, tables, cabinets, and flooring that help people to live better and more productive lives. I view my work as being part of an industry that utilizes the earth’s resources, and that is very motivating and inspiring to me, as it brings dignity and meaning to my career. I want to inspire people with my work, the hardwood lumber industry has so much untapped potential, and I want to help the world realize its significance.

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