Where are They Now? MICHAEL R. KLINGLER, 116th Class

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
My favorite aspect of grading lumber was always the fact that no two boards, like people, were the same. Each board coming from a similar source was unique in its own way. And my favorite aspect of my current position is timber management and supplying cut logs from
a great renewable resource.

What’s My Fondest Inspector Training School Memory?
The whole experience would classify as a fond memory but the camaraderie of such a large and diverse class with many good people and great times is some of my fondest memories.

I took the knowledge back to the small sawmill where I was employed and went right to work grading green lumber. I not only focused on the lumber but the logs that were producing the boards. The understanding of what each log will produce and the value of that product allowed me to become a log and timber buyer. During those years I also sold green lumber, oversaw the mill and became a certified logger. All of that experience got me to be the successful business owner that I am today.

In 2002, I started my own business Sugar Ridge Timber, Inc. We buy standing timber and cut logs supplying many sawmills and specialty markets. We also buy and sell lumber, operate a log concentration yard and a company log crew which earned me the 2004 “Indiana Logger of the Year” award. The NHLA Inspector Training School propelled me to where I am today. I’ve always used that knowledge as a stepping stone to whatever sector of the hardwood industry I had an interest.

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