U.S./China Tariff Update (8/23/19)

Dear NHLA Members and Industry Friends:

Included in this post is the latest information on the U.S/China tariffs as shared with us from the American Hardwood Export Council.

Earlier today the Chinese government announced a new round of tariffs on US exports. It appears that hardwood lumber, logs, and veneer will be impacted by the new tariffs.

At this point, we only have Chinese versions of the announcement itself as well as the list of impacted products by HS tariff code. The tariffs will be implemented in two phases, beginning September 1st and December 15th. Attached to this post are copies of both lists.

HS tariff codes that begin with “4403” are for hardwood logs. Codes that begin with “4407” are for hardwood lumber. Codes that begin with “4408” are for veneer.

Annex 1: Goes into effect September 1st. 10% on products in Group 1 and Group 2 (which includes “other temperate lumber” HS code 44079980).

View Annex 1 Here

Annex 2: Goes into effect December 15th. 10% on Group 1 and 2, 5% on Group 3 and 4. There are a LOT of hardwood logs, lumber, and veneer that are included here at the 10% level. Most US hardwood lumber, logs and veneer species are included in this list.

View Annex 2 Here

A copy of the official announcement (In Chinese) is available HERE.  

We apologize that the detailed information is available only in Chinese at this time but wanted to get it to our members as quickly as possible so that it can be shared with your staff, agents, and customers as needed.

The U.S. Embassy in Beijing is working on an official translation of the announcement along with a list of products affected, and we will pass on any additional information as soon as we receive it.