The Recruitment Series, Part 3: Where to Post Job Openings

When it comes to posting your newly created job listing, the platforms you should use will vary depending on what the job position is. Luckily, there are a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing where to post your jobs, but it may feel a bit overwhelming if you’re not quite sure where to begin. Below, we have outlined some of your options for your new job listing:

1. Take advantage of your NHLA Membership. All NHLA Members enjoy exclusive free access to the NHLA Job Board. The NHLA Job Board is the perfect place to post your new job openings as it is a well-known resource for qualified people looking for jobs in the hardwood industry. NHLA advertises and markets the job board to the hardwood industry on all physical and digital NHLA platforms, so you can trust that the right audience is seeing your jobs as often as possible.

2. Use online job search engine platforms. Job search engines include websites such as,,, and a plethora of other websites. These websites all have different perks and features that can benefit you in your recruitment process. It may seem a bit overwhelming trying to figure out where to post your open positions, but there’s a simple solution to figuring out which websites will work best for you: narrow down where the job position falls in your company hierarchy. Below, we have a list of which job search engines work best for different types of job openings:

  • Best All-Around: is the best all-around job search engine platform to post your open positions on because it is the largest job search engine in the world. Whether you’re looking for a more general, entry-level position or an executive-level position, Indeed is a great place to post your open jobs. And – you can use it for free! You also have the option to sponsor job posts, which is a really good option if you’re looking to fill a position very quickly. 

  • Hourly-Wage or Entry Level Positions:,
  • Associate Level Positions:,
  • Management Level & Up Positions:,

3. Utilize social media. Over 70% of job seekers are searching for opportunities on social media and mobile platforms, and it doesn’t cost your business anything to post open positions on your social media profiles. If you aren’t already promoting your business on social media, don’t worry! This is a great way to get started building your business’ online presence. All you need to do to get started is to create a business profile on the platform you want your business to use. The top two social media platforms we recommend for posting your open jobs are:


LinkedIn is a professional networking social media site with over 560 million current users, and it is the go-to social media site for finding job candidates. There are many ways to promote your job openings on LinkedIn. For starters, you can simply create posts about the job opening on your company’s business page. Be sure to include a caption, an image, and a link to your full job description. Your full job description can link to either your company website, the NHLA Job Board, or your job listing on one of the job search engines discussed above.

There are also paid options for creating a job post on LinkedIn. If you currently have a business profile on LinkedIn, you can find ‘Post a Job’ under your Admin Tools located in the top right-hand corner of your business page. From here, you can follow LinkedIn’s simple guide on how to create your job post!


Facebook, the largest and most active social media platform in the world, is a wonderful tool for any business in the hardwood industry. With over 1.6 Billion daily active users, you would be remiss not to use Facebook in your employee recruitment process. The easiest way to promote your job opening on Facebook is to create a post on your business page. Be sure to include a caption, image, and link to your full job description, which can be either on your company website, the NHLA Job Board, or on one of the job search engines discussed above.

If you choose to promote your job openings on social media, don’t forget to ask your current employees to share your posts on their personal pages and groups! This is a free way to get more people to see your open position, and it has been proven that people are more likely to apply for a job if it has been recommended to them by one of their friends. Also, if you’re an NHLA Member, feel free to tag NHLA in your social media posts, and we can share them on our social media platforms to help you find employees as fast as possible.

Aside from your online assets, traditional methods are still valuable for employee recruitment. Posting your open positions in your local newspapers and magazines, sending print outs of your job listings to local schools and community centers, and calling local job agencies in your area are all still very viable options for job recruitment.

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