The Recruitment Series, Part 2: Creating Attractive Job Posts

Many employers struggle with quality employee recruitment. With today’s extremely low unemployment rate, job boards on all platforms are saturated with open positions waiting to be filled, so creating an attractive job post is essential in recruiting great employees. It also saves you a ton of time during the recruitment process, as quality job posts tend to attract better quality applicants.

The unfortunate truth is that most employers haven’t given their job posts any thought since the last time they had to fill that position, leaving their post terribly outdated, missing important information, and dull. The good news is that creating a new job posting isn’t that hard, and we’re here to help you! Below, we have created 3 tips to help you write an effective, attractive job post.

1. It all starts with the job title. Quality people aren’t looking for jobs — they’re looking for careers. The job title is the first thing that future applicants will see in your job post, so don’t make it boring! When you write the job title, include the name of the position along with one or two things that will help your job post stand out. For example, instead of titling a job post with “Lumber Inspector” or “Sales Rep,” try including important details about the position such as “Full-Time Lumber Inspector” or “Sales Representative (Base + Commission).” Including these simple details in the job title will help attract quality job candidates who are looking for long-term careers.

2. Include a strong, attention-grabbing job description. Creating a short, compelling job description is essential for attracting quality future employees. Your job description should summarize what the job position is and why someone would want to work for your business. A few important details to include in your job description are: who the position will report to, your company’s mission, details about your company culture, salary range, any special details about your company benefits, and any specific details about your business or the job position that may differ from similar positions in the industry. One great example of an effective and concise job description can be found on the NHLA Job Board under the North American Forest Foundation’s job listing.

3. Don’t forget the 3 Rs: Roles, Requirements, and Rewards. Now that your job description is out of the way, you can delve into the details of your job post. Try using bulleted lists for this portion of your job post, as lists are typically easier to read and will make your job post more dynamic. Effective job postings clearly convey the Roles, Requirements, and Rewards of the job opening. You want your future applicants to understand exactly what job they’re applying for, whether or not they are qualified for the position, and what benefits come with the job.

Start out by fully explaining the Roles of your open position. This section of your job post will help attract future employees who are serious about developing their careers at your business, so be sure to include as many details about the job’s functions as possible. A few questions to ask when writing the job position Roles are:

  • What are the day-to-day activities for this employee?
  • Will they be working in an office setting, sawmill, lumberyard, retail setting, etc.?
  • Will they be traveling?
  • What are the positions’ daily, weekly, or monthly goals?
  • Will they be working in a team?
  • Will they be working directly with customers or clients?
  • What days and hours will they be working?

After explaining what Roles the job position has, you should outline what Requirements an applicant needs to qualify for the open position. It is crucial that you include all of the required skills for your open position in your job post because it will help reduce the number of underqualified applications you receive. Examples of required skills include computer skills, NHLA training, years of experience, education requirements, customer service experience, or any other details that your future applicants must have to qualify for the open position.

Now, we’re on to Rewards! This section of your job post is all about what benefits come with working for your business. This can include salary, health care benefits, life insurance, education opportunities, paid time off, holiday pay, or any other exciting perks that come with the job. This is another section of your job post that will really help your job stand out from other similar positions, and any applicants who are looking for serious, long-term careers will be looking for specific details here.

Congratulations, now you’re on your way to creating the perfect job post! Creating an attractive and effective job post is the first step in finding quality employees to work for you and your business. It can also save a ton of time during the hiring process, as you are more likely to receive better quality applications if you have an effective job posting.

Next week, we will be sharing tips on where and when to post your job openings as well as how to tweak your newly created job post to fit on different job posting platforms. Follow us Facebook and LinkedIn to see next week’s tips!