Webinar Set Up Part 1

Bucking and Merchandising Logs for Railroad Ties

Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2021
10AM Central

Join NHLA and Chad F. Niman for this one-hour event as we discuss desirable species, species variations, and log quality requirements that make a good grade tie.

Discussion topics will include:

  • An explanation of industrial-grade ties, as well as cull ties which are used as landscape timbers.
  • Required lengths and dimensions commonly required for manufacturing of cross ties.
  • Defect limits for knots, holes, shake, wane, and the importance of defect limits in the rail bearing area.
  • Why cross-grain wood is bad for railroad ties and when a bark seam is a cull and when it is ok.
  • Other timbers that may be in demand, such as switch ties and bridge timbers.

Who should attend?  Logging operators, log buyers, mill sawyers, sales and all professionals involved in the manufacturing of railroad ties.