Inspection Services from NHLA helps you and your company ensure quality and accuracy, reduce loss, and maximize profitability. With our unique team of inspectors, unrivaled resources, and experience, we provide world-class service to you and your business – wherever and whenever you need us.

We offer you a combination of high-end specialized consultancy with traditional inspection and testing to help you:

  • Maximize Productivity and Efficiency 
  • Identify Lost Profits
  • Detect Opportunities for Upgrading
  • Benefit from Numerous Certification Programs 
  • Reduce Operation and Maintenance Costs 
  • Resolve Buyer and Seller Disputes on Shipment Grades 
  • Address Sales Code Violation Complaints 

Don’t wait to call on NHLA when you have a problem. Contact your area National Inspector today!

National Inspector Fees 
Sales Code Violation 

A formal complaint should be filed when the NHLA Sales Code has been violated by buyers or sellers of hardwood lumber, and the situation cannot be resolved between buyer and seller independently. Sellers are expected to deliver the ordered lumber exactly as specified in the contract or purchase order. A formal complaint should be filed if the buyer or seller fails to meet its contractual obligations. A formal complaint can be filed with NHLA by completing the SCV-1 form. Please contact the NHLA Chief Inspector for a SVC-1 form. 

Dispute Inspections

In the event that buyer and seller cannot come to an agreement on the grade and/or value of a shipment, NHLA offers a dispute inspection in which a National Inspector as an impartial 3rd party is called in to help resolve the issue. Contact the NHLA Chief Inspector to discuss a dispute inspection.

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