For 115 years, the title of NHLA National Inspector has stood for integrity, expertise, and commitment to the global hardwood lumber industry. The legacy of the NHLA “National Man” lives on with our current team of NHLA National Inspectors. This team has more than 200 years of combined experience serving our industry in the United States, Canada, and around the world, and their experience goes well beyond lumber inspections.

Dana Spessert

Chief Inspector & Dean of the Inspector Training School 


[email protected] | 901-399-7551

Mark Bear

South Central & Midwest Regions 

Specialties: Cross Tie Grading, Dispute Resolution, Hispanic Employee Training, Log Scaling/Grading, Lumber Inspection, Quality Control, Sawmill Management/Operation, Training, and Yield Analysis

[email protected] | 205-295-8018

Tom Byers

Northeast Region

Specialties: Dispute Resolution, Lumber Inspection, Quality Control, Training, Walnut Inspection, and Yield Analysis


[email protected] | 814-431-5699

Mark Depp

Mid-Atlantic Region

Specialties: Dispute Resolution, Log Scaling/Grading, Lumber Inspection, Quality Control, Sawmill Management/Operations, Training, and Yield Analysis


[email protected] | 814-246-4941

Jack English

Northeast, Pacific, and Pacific Northwest Regions

Specialties: Dispute Resolution, International Inspection, Lumber Inspection, Maple Inspection, Quality Control, and Training


[email protected] | 518-366-1161

Kevin Evilsizer

Midwest Region

Specialties: International Inspection, Lumber Inspection, Certifications, Quality Control, and Training


[email protected] | 417-260-5416

Barry Kibbey

North and Midwest Regions

Specialties: Dispute Resolution, General Rules Training, Lumber Inspection and Upgrading, and Sawmill Management and Training 


[email protected] | 814-566-2023

Simon Laroque 

Canada Regions

Specialties: Birch, Maple, and Walnut Inspection, Dispute Resolution, Lumber Inspection, Quality Control, and Training 


[email protected]| 819-712-1640

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