NHLA helps hardwood companies achieve profitability and solve their top business challenges with data-driven expert advice and hands-on training.

NHLA programs and services fall under 4 main focus areas, whose bottom line is to optimize your business for profitability.

Certification Programs

NHLA offers hardwood specific certification programs to improve profitability, differentiate your company from your competition and attract potential customers.

Hardwood Lumber Inspection

Inspection services from NHLA help you and your company ensure quality and accuracy, as well as reduce loss and maximize profitability.

Custom Training

NHLA Inspectors will instruct at your location to optimize the learning because the training is done on your lumber, with your equipment, at your speed, and at your facility.

Yield Analysis

The NHLA Yield Analysis Program saves you money by examining your sawmill’s strengths and weaknesses in log selection and sawing and then examines how the selection and process impact your company’s yield and overall revenue.

Our services are administered by our team of hardwood industry experts – better known as NHLA National Inspectors.

Whatever your needs, the NHLA Services Experts have been there…done it…seen it…and can help.

What areas of your business are struggling or not reaching maximum profitability? Maybe you are unsure and need a team member to evaluate your processes?

We can help you reach your goals! Let’s Talk!

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