Successful companies are innovative companies. They find and solve increasingly difficult problems because their company culture supports them as they explore and attempt new solutions. Companies that find innovative solutions plant the seeds of innovation in their entire operation – from the floor to management and everywhere in between. In this interactive and engaging workshop, Bob Graham will show participants how to plant those seeds and how to harvest the fruits to create innovative solutions to an existing problem.

Participants will discover:

  • Why innovation is hard for leaders
  • The Innovator’s Mindset
  • What discourages and defeats employees trying to be innovative
  • Three questions to ask to encourage innovation 
  • How to support your most solution-minded employees
  • How to hire with an eye toward innovation

This seminar will provide insights and updates on alternative markets for hardwood products including structural, dimension, mass timber, access mats, and thermal modification markets. Markets for hardwood lumber in the US have been centered in non-structural applications such as flooring, furniture, tool handles, and moldings. Over the last 10 years, alternative opportunities for hardwood products have emerged such as structural, mass timber, exterior cladding, access mats, and decking markets. However; there are supply chain, manufacturing, regulations, and marketing barriers that prevent hardwood species to gain or increase access to these markets. The seminar will focus on specific supply chain, manufacturing, and marketing strategies to overcome these barriers in order to gain access to these new alternative markets.


Every four years, the membership of NHLA evaluates the hardwood lumber grading rules. Proposed rules changes have been submitted to the NHLA Rules Committee and the committee has put forward possible Rules changes that will be voted on by the NHLA Membership. NHLA members have the ability to discuss and ask questions about these proposed changes in detail prior to voting during the Rules Open Forum. Dana Spessert, Chief Inspector, and Sam Glidden, Rules Committee Chairman will be available during this open meeting to answer any questions you may have.


While the worst of the COVID pandemic appears to be behind us in the United States and other mature markets, the situation is much less clear in the emerging world.  Growing demand in the housing and renovations markets in the US and Europe are hampered by global supply chain issues and uncertainty in some of our most important overseas markets.  This presentation will attempt to put 2021 year-to-date hardwood exports into historical perspective and discuss the macro issues, such as trade integration (or lack thereof), competing fiber supplies, and global GDP growth that will determine the health of our export markets in the short to medium term.


Members of the Real American Hardwood Coalition will give a presentation on the progress made by the group to promote Real American Hardwood™ finished goods to consumers.  Find out how you and your company can participate and do your part to spread the word about the beauty, sustainability, durability, and value of Naturally Authentic™ Real American Hardwood products.

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