Opening Session:  Town Hall Meeting

Sponsored by The Rossi Group

Keynote Speaker: Dan North

Sponsored by Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company

As one of the leading U.S. economists, Dan North has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business News, ABC News Now, France 24, and Bloomberg Radio and Television. He shares his insights on the latest trends and analysis to help keep your business growing.


Advocacy in the Time of COVID

Cary Moon, Policy and PAC Manager at the Hardwood Federation

Pat Rita with the Hardwood Federation

Sponsored by Hardwood Industries

Cary Moon and Pat Rita provide an update on the Federation’s work on behalf of the industry in Washington, D.C.  He also provides an overview of the fall legislative agenda and potential impacts of the 2020 election.


Are You Operating Effectively?  4 Metrics to Track Operational Efficiency

Dana Spessert, Chief Inspector at NHLA

Sponsored by TRN USA Forest LLC

The hardwood industry has used many metrics over the years to track costs and efficiencies, the question is are these the only ones we should be using? Are there other areas that your company should be looking at? These questions are explored and discussed in this presentation.


Guiding Your Sales Team During and After a Crisis

Bob Graham, CEO at Serious Soft Skills LLC

Sponsored by King City Forwarding USA, Inc.

Learn the innovative strategies that the best companies use to drive sales, especially during and after a crisis. Bob Graham from Breakthrough Solutions explains the most overlooked and underappreciated consideration for making a sale in tough conditions, as well as many other tips and tricks for not just surviving, but thriving, during tough times and what follows.

NHLA Promotion Committee Update – Webinar

Rob Cabral, UCS Forest Group
Lorna Christie, CEO of the National Hardwood Lumber Association
Tom Inman, President, Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.

Sponsored by Swaner Hardwood

This virtual panel is moderated by the NHLA Board Promotion Committee Chair, Rob Cabral.  It features a progress report from two members of the Real American Hardwood Promotion Coalition’s Executive Committee, Lorna Christie and Tom Inman.  Both speakers review the findings of the RAHPC’s research and provide an overview of plans for future efforts.

Following the RAHPC update,  Lorna Christie shares NHLA’s plan on tackling faux wood advertising.


Covid-19, Tariffs, Trade Wars and US Hardwood Exports in the Age of Uncertainty

Mike Snow, Executive Director of the American Hardwood Export Council

Sponsored by Kuehne + Nagel, Inc.

AHEC Executive Director Michael Snow provides a detailed update on US hardwood exports to the world for the first half of 2020, with a particular emphasis on the global impacts of Covid-19 as well as the ongoing trade war with China and how the resulting uncertainty is impacting hardwood exports.  Additional topics include AHEC efforts to expand US hardwood exports by targeting non-traditional regions and applications made possible by new technologies, as well as to push demand for major species impacted by the current trade environment—particularly red oak, maple, and cherry—into new markets.

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