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David Caldwell and Judd Johnson of the Hardwood Market Report will report on the hardwood marketplace and the factors currently influencing business and potential business change. Caldwell and Johnson are considered experts in the hardwood markets using their vast resources of historical data and industry experience.


Technology, from LinkedIn to texting, can help or hurt sales. Discover how to integrate these technologies as well as some tried-and-true approaches into a more customer-focused selling approach that will appeal to buyers, both young and old. Bring your questions and your pen and paper, because this session is going to cover a lot of new ground.

Participants will be able to:

  • Develop new strategies geared toward a more customer-focused sales process
  • Understand how LinkedIn and other social media tools can develop leads and nurture new and lost relationships
  • Identify the important data from Google Analytics and email delivery data
  • Generate new approaches for re-engaging lost clients or deepening relationships with existing clients without a lot of extra work
  • Learn tips for knowing more about potential buyers before contacting them


Chief Inspector Dana Spessert will teach you how NHLA helps member sawmills discover lost profits by utilizing the new NHLA Yield Analysis and Quality Control Programs. These programs examine a sawmill’s strengths and weaknesses in log selection and sawing and then examines how they impact your mill’s yield and overall revenue.


People who can harness these three breakthrough skills can see a 50% increase in productivity and revenue. These skills can help anyone, no matter what role they have in the organization, become a better leader. Uncover strategies for becoming the kind of person that organizations value because you are a catalyst for dramatic improvements. Learn how these breakthrough skills can help deal with different generations, challenging employees and colleagues, impossible deadlines, losing a key employee, and common employee issues and complaints.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Integrate storytelling into your work to engage and inspire employees and team members
  • Leverage experience management to make better, quicker decisions
  • Use attunement to forge better interactions with employees and clients

MikeSnow 1

AHEC Executive Director Michael Snow will provide a detailed update on US hardwood exports to the world, with a particular emphasis on the trade war with China, increasing trade tensions with Canada, Mexico, and the EU, and how the resulting uncertainty is impacting hardwood exports. This will be followed by a panel discussion with the AHEC Directors from Europe, Latin America, Middle East/India, Japan and China/Southeast Asia concerning trends in their respective regions. Additional topics will include AHEC efforts to expand US hardwood exports by targeting non-traditional regions and applications made possible by new technologies, as well as push demand for major species impacted by the current trade environment—particularly red oak—into new markets.


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