NEW 7-Week Inspector Training School Class

The NHLA Inspector Training School is offering a NEW, 7-week course, scheduled to begin on June 15, 2020. The Members Only course is limited to 15 students.

The goal of the NHLA Inspector Training School’s new model is to educate more students and get them back to work sooner while increasing the students’ value to the company. You can be assured that NHLA will not sacrifice the quality of education that we have offered for more than 60 years.

The course will be different from the traditional 12-week course in the following ways.

  • Memorization of Definitions, General Instructions, and Standard Grades will continue to be a priority.
    • Traditional class, first use of lumber rule on Thursday of the 3rd week.
    • New class, first use of lumber rule on Thursday of the 1st week.
    • Daily lectures, quizzes, and exams will be the same.
  • Board Runs
    • Traditional class, first board run on 4th week.
    • New class, first board run on 2nd week.
  • Students will receive more homework along with study guides that will be provided to practice after school hours.
  • Instructor or Assistant will offer ½ day on Saturdays for practice/tutoring when needed.
  • Species exceptions will be introduced and practiced.
    • Traditional class, memorization of the various species exceptions.
    • New class, memorization will not be required of species exceptions, rather a good understanding will be required.
  • Students will need to pass 2 different 100 Board Run Tests that will include species exceptions as has been required in the past.
  • There will be fewer Field Trips.
  • There will be additional topics covered as extra-curricular activities throughout the class.
    • Safety
    • Supervisory skills
    • Proper lumber stacking
    • Kiln drying
    • Species identification
    • Practice inspecting lumber on a Green Chain will also be mandatory for all students when they are prepared to handle it.

Mr. Rich Hascher will be teaching this course, and it will be held in Memphis, TN. The registration process will be completed by phone or by e-mail; registration will not be available on-line. The special rate for this course will be $2,100.00 and does include necessary supplies. Again, this course is for NHLA Members Only and limited to 15 students only!

To register, or for any additional questions, please contact Carol McElya, ITS Administrator, at 901-399-7563 or [email protected]