Legna: Leading the Hardwood Industry into the Future

As we step into the third decade of the 21st century, we take with us new technologies that make our lives easier. Much like the microwave revolutionized cooking in the 1980s, new software and technologies are making life in the hardwood lumber industry more efficient.

Blazing the trail in new industry technologies is NHLA Member, Legna, a software company that has been committed to the forest industry for over 30 years.  Members of Legna’s staff have backgrounds in concentration and distribution yards as well as sawmills. They have an intimate understanding of the unique needs of each segment of the hardwood lumber industry and are committed to their customers. Need proof? The average tenure of Legna’s employees is 20 years.

Legna creates software that helps businesses, from wood product producers to manufacturers and distributors, get the most out of their logs and lumber. They have software applications for every segment of the industry, and it’s their goal to make your company more efficient and successful overall.

Legna Chief Operating Officer, Tyler Dittrich values their longtime NHLA membership, saying, “Legna has built a great relationship with NHLA and its members. We are eager to continue building on our relationships with other members, particularly given our dedication to the North American wood products industry. We don’t serve other industry verticals, and we do not plan to. By being part of the strong NHLA network, we’ve continued to enhance existing relationships as well as develop new ones.”

Legna offers software solutions for lumber inventory management, log inventory management, log accounting software, lumber tally software, log scaling, and log grading software. From the evaluation of standing timber to the distribution of value-added products, Legna’s log and lumber inventory software provide the information needed to seamlessly manage the movement of wood from source to supplier to customer.

Legna’s TallyWorks Suite is used extensively across North America. The Suite includes two lumber and log inventory systems, TallyWorks Lumber and TallyWorks Logs. The software provides accurate information at each stage of production, with up-to-the-minute cost and inventory data to improve sales, enhance management of operations, better utilize resources, and improve customer relations.

Dittrich explains how Legna is good for the growth and success of companies in the hardwood lumber industry, saying, “Your business is more efficient and productive when your log and lumber applications are from a single provider. From the standing tree to shipment of your remanufactured products or individual components, Legna has a TallyWorks module to meet your needs, providing seamless solutions, which allow your operations an unrivaled value-chain analysis and reporting.”

“Our TallyWorks Suite is a single-solution provider that you can trust to ensure your systems are operating at peak performance at all times. We provide handheld computers, barcode scanners, label printers, and more in addition to the most powerful software solutions available, and we offer 24/7 service & support. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our commitment to service is second to none. We want you to get the most out of our applications and for you to be a success. Our relationship with our customers is significantly important to us, which is why you and your entire team have one number to call any time you need service or support for our products.”

Legna is appreciative of being a part of the NHLA community, saying, “In many industries, a software or technology provider may be thought of as just a vendor. To Legna, NHLA offers an opportunity to be part of something greater than just our role as a vendor or supplier. As an NHLA member, we are proud to be part of not just a trade association, but a North American industry that has provided the highest quality products to consumers around the globe for generations. We value our role as a member of the association and partner to the industry and are grateful to our fellow members for including us in the organization.”

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