ITS Alumnus Stormed the Beaches Of Normandy

In remembrance of D-Day, NHLA would like to honor Charles Seiter. Charles graduated with the 5th class of NHLA Inspector Training School in 1950.  But before that, he served honorably in the U.S. Army. In 1944, at the young age of 23, Charles was a part of the largest military invasion in history: the invasion of Normandy.

Charles in 1944 & 2019.

Charles celebrated his 98th birthday earlier this year and still recalls the details leading up to the invasion of Normandy. Charles recalls trying to stay dry in Southampton, England during several days of intense rain prior to June 6th, sleeping under boats, jeeps, and anywhere else they could find dry ground.

Charles says the rain suddenly stopped one night and within an hour he heard the allied planes flying overhead in the direction of France. Not long after he heard the sound of bombs dropping from across the English Channel. He knew he was about to become part of the invasion of Normandy.

He landed on Utah Beach in the early morning of June 7th on an amphibious boat, beginning his march to Paris. His troop nearly encountered an ambush from Nazi soldiers who had reversed a road sign to Paris and were waiting to attack them on the ridge. His troop discovered the altered sign and changed their course, marching into Paris, then onto Versailles to set up headquarters for General Eisenhower.

After the war, Charles decided to pursue a career in the hardwood lumber industry and enrolled in and is a graduate of the 5th Class NHLA Inspector Training School, followed by a successful career.


Today, Charles is in good health and is one of the few remaining soldiers who were a part of the D-Day Allied Invasion. Thank you, Charles Seiter and all WWII veterans for your sacrifices and service.


The 5th Class of the NHLA Inspector Training School

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