Yield Analysis

NHLA offers the NHLA Yield Analysis Program, which is an innovative facility capabilities assessment for hardwood sawmill operations to discover lost profits.

The NHLA Yield Analysis Program examines a sawmill’s strengths and weaknesses in log selection and sawing and then examines how the selection and process impact the company’s yield and overall revenue. The program is divided into three steps:

Step 1: NHLA conducts a thorough audit and evaluation of your logs and sawing process.

Step 2: A yield analysis baseline report outlining problem areas is delivered to your company along with a comprehensive plan to address and correct your problem areas.

Step 3: NHLA provides the training necessary to correct your problem areas, and NHLA provides ongoing quality control checkpoints to adapt and correct as needed.

Over the last 12 months, the Yield Analysis Program has recovered $3.9 million in lost profits – an average of $400,000 per sawmill.

Click below to read how Kirkham Hardwoods, Inc. has benefited from the NHLA Yield Analysis Program.

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