Meet & Greet the New Executive Director at NHLA

Dallin Brooks officially assumed the position of Executive Director of the National Hardwood Lumber Association in June of 2022.

Dallin will lead the association in its mission to serve NHLA Members engaged in the commerce of North American hardwood lumber by maintaining order, structure, and ethics in the changing global hardwood marketplace; providing unique member services; promoting North American hardwood lumber, and advocating the interest of the hardwood community in public/private policy issues; and providing a platform for networking opportunities.

This is a rebroadcast of a Zoom Webinar where Dallin had the opportunity to share his thoughts and ideas with the membership and for the membership to ask questions and provide feedback. 

Dallin welcomes your communication at any time. He can be reached by email at: [email protected] or by phone at: 901-377-1082.

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