Breaking News: US & China Sign “Phase 1” of Trade Agreement

As many of you may have watched earlier today, the U.S. and China formalized a limited trade agreement today, signaling a truce in the nearly two-year trade war between the world’s two largest economies and sets the stage for a broader agreement down the road.

The “Phase One” agreement is the product of months of intense talks between officials in Washington and Beijing. It calls for China to boost its purchase of American goods and services by $200 billion over the next two years, including $32 billion worth of agriculture products.


In the White House fact sheet that was released at the signing ceremony, hardwood lumber is specifically called out as part of the Chinese purchasing agreement of U.S. manufactured goods. The fact sheet may be found here.


In the actual trade agreement text, which can be found here, hardwood lumber products are again highlighted in the table on Page 6-3 under “Other Manufactured Goods.”  In addition, the table on Page 6-11 includes all of the 400 level Harmonized System Codes for hardwood lumber.


Details about how the Chinese will facilitate purchases (tariff reductions, exclusions) are still to be announced.


NHLA will continue to monitor the details of this event and notify you immediately of any new information.