Breaking News Alert from NHLA

Hardwoods Mentioned as Part of Trade Deal

U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer appeared on Fox Business this morning and mentioned that hardwoods are part of the trade deal with China.

The Fox News clip may be viewed HERE.

Hardwood and forest products are mentioned at 1:56 of this clip addressing how “other areas of agriculture classified as manufacturing” will be used to get to the $50B/year of agricultural purchases that the President and Administration are seeking.

While the agreement has not yet been signed and details are still emerging there are indeed positive signs that the hardwood industry has been heard by the Administration and hardwoods are very much a part of the discussion. NHLA will continue to stay informed on these matters and will provide you further information as it becomes available.


A Note from NHLA President, Darwin Murray

Just hearing the words “forest products, hardwood, lumber” coming from the U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer may have been one of the more positive moments I’ve seen or heard in a while!

We were first told, “We want to help but we don’t know what to do with you hardwood guys!” Now Mr. Lighthizer is talking hardwood on national television.

This is a small victory for all we’ve been doing at NHLA and in partnership with the Hardwood Federation and others. Our efforts to educate Administrative leaders about the consequences we are suffering as a result of the trade war are being heard. This is how your contributions to NHLA and the Hardwood Federation are used to improve our industry position in D.C. It is also a direct result of the many valuable Hardwood Federation Fly-ins in which our industry members have participated.

However, we must continue to be heard! Let’s commit to continue raising our voices in support of our industry and one of the best renewable resources on earth. I want to thank everyone that has been involved and encourage all of you and more to continue participating in these important efforts.

Never, never, never give up! Thank you all!