NHLA Inspector Training School Alumni: Nate Jones

Today we are celebrating the success of ITS Alumni, Nate Jones.

Nate graduated with the 192nd class of NHLA Inspector Training School on July 31st, 2020. Nate works for Ron Jones Hardwood Sales, Inc. in Purchasing and Sales. Upon graduation from the ITS, Nate began his new career by grading green and kiln-dried lumber. He also participated in a sales training program while tallying lumber, setting up orders, quality control, retail sales, and learning all aspects of their inventory system. Later, Nate transitioned into purchasing green and kiln-dried lumber, as well as building domestic and export sales accounts at their sales office.

Nate feels that the ITS certificate of completion program helped him to build the foundation to become more knowledgeable about hardwood lumber grades and how to defend that grade. Nate recalls in recent instances of selling lumber, being able to say with assurance that, “I actually graded that load myself!” Nate says, “The NHLA Inspection Training School gave me the knowledge to sell hardwood lumber honestly and with integrity, and for that, I couldn’t be anymore thankful.”

Congratulations to you Nate, we are so very proud of you and your accomplishments! To find out more about the ITS training programs, please visit: www.nhla.com/education