Member Spotlight: DMSI

Chances are, you’ve heard the old saying, “work smarter, not harder.” While hard work is essential to success, there comes a point when you have to look for ways to make it easier to grow. Melissa Gratias, a workplace productivity coach, says, “working smarter is the pursuit of productivity coupled with a respect for downtime and rest.” This quip is the perfect way to describe DMSi.

Rule number one in ‘working smarter’ is understanding you can’t be everything to everyone. That’s why DMSi chose to specialize in a single industry – the lumber and building materials industry.  By being a part of the industry, DMSi understands our language.  You can call DMSi to talk about 8/4 Walnut on sticks, and they know exactly what you are talking about – they speak ‘lumber.’ Kerry Blusys, a senior account executive who has been with DMSi since 1992, said, “We don’t just want to make a product that happens to do things for hardwood lumber companies. We want to be the best possible partner for our customers to help them grow their business in a larger context. DMSi understands the needs of the industry because we are a part of the industry.” A testament to their involvement is DMSi’s inventory software, Agility ERP. Agility is specifically designed for dimensional products. It streamlines catalogs yet accounts for every inch of inventory in the yard and can find a specific board among a hundred bundles.

Another example of DMSi’s industry focus is TallyExpress, a mobile app for tallying lumber. DMSi saw TallyExpress as something that could solve a common problem for hardwood businesses.

Often, businesses want their highest-skilled, most-trusted employee doing the tallying because it directly affects the bottom line. Unfortunately, the burnout rate among the people doing the tallying is quite high because it is such an exacting, grueling job. Andy Nuffer, part of the Business Development team for TallyExpress, explains, “TallyExpress has made the job of tallying much easier. We’ve had customers who say there was a general morale boost around their yards once they started using TallyExpress. The software has taken an arduous job and made it much simpler, and now companies can keep their talented employees. After all, they’re not burning them out with tedious labor.”

Andy continues with an instance from one of their new customers, “The client was in the middle of their free 30-day trial, and I was following up with him, when the customer told me that he loved it so much, once the free trial was over, he’s buying the software. He said if he tried to take this software away from his workforce, he’d face a revolt!”

TallyExpress runs on smartphone technology, which most people are already comfortable using. You take a photo of the end of a bundle of lumber and then input a small amount of information about the bundle, and you’ll instantly get an accurate tally of your product, improving efficiency and saving money.

Andy says that he will get some resistance to change and some people may feel as though TallyExpress is too good to be true. “We work hard to explain how it works and show exactly how accurate it is. After all, finding reliable labor is incredibly difficult. TallyExpress shows up on time to work every day. It tallies a bundle in 60 – 90 seconds and allows businesses to free-up their employee’s time to do something that’s more impactful for you.”

Another issue facing business today is the COVID-19 pandemic. One of DMSi’s first action steps was to help customers set up environments that let office staff work remotely. Additionally, DMSi is helping customers make use of this time to tackle projects they may have put off. Webinars and educational emails cover topics such as inventory control plans, sales best practices, and data management.

And of course, that’s where their stellar customer service shines.  “We have a great relationship with our customers and taking care of them is of the utmost importance. It’s a reciprocal relationship, which is nice. We see our customers as people, which sounds a little cheesy and trite, but it’s true.  We know the people who are using our software, not just their company name,” Kerry says.  Andy chimes in, “We talk to customers anytime they need us.  When you call us, you get a real, live person. It’s helpful for our customers who only have time to talk at an odd hour. We can help them when they need us instead of making them wait for us to get back to them.”

Kerry credits some of their success to their NHLA membership, saying, “our NHLA membership is critical to us because we don’t merely want to serve this industry –we are a part of this industry. And so being there with our customers, talking to them about the things that are going on in their business helps us because our fortunes are tied together. ”

“Our membership in NHLA helps DMSi become a better partner to the Hardwood industry. We need to be sure we keep up with the growing trends, issues, and ideas that happen within the industry as a whole to be sure we can build software solutions that foster growth.”

Work Smarter with DMSi and TallyExpress.

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