Thursday 1:00pm

Family Business Relations Seminar
By: Deb Houden

Deb Houden is a senior consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group, she specializes in helping family-owned businesses with family communication, transition and next generation development by providing resources, tools and knowledge that are needed to navigate their specific issues.

Deb has worked with numerous families on developing effective communication and conflict resolution skills, developing family meetings, beginning stages of board development, and working with next generational members of family firms (including adolescents). She is adept at developing processes that help families go through changes within the business and family systems.

She is a regular presenter to industry groups, family business centers, and individual company retreats on topics including the next generation and succession, communication and conflict resolution, and perceptions of fairness. 

This educational seminar will focus on:

• Conflict & Communication Management
• Leadership & Next Generation Development

Thursday 2:45pm

Technology Seminar on Thermal Modification
By: Bror Moldrup CEO of International Wood Technology LLC and Moldrup A/S both in Denmark

This educational seminar will focus on:
• A Historic Overview
• Presentation of different systems
• Where are we today?
• Why is this so popular every where?
• Why is North America Missing?
• Q & A

Thursday 2:45pm

NHLA Rules Open Forum - Rules Changes
By: Dana Spessert, Chief Inspector and Joe Snyder, Rules Committee Chairman

As a final step in the Rules Change process, a Rules Open Forum will be held during the 2017 NHLA Annual Convention. The forum allows members to openly discuss/debate the Rules Change proposals which have been submitted prior to voting on them. The new Rules Change proposals are posted for review at Chief Inspector Dana Spessert, Rules Committee Chairman Joe Snyder and all National Inspectors will be available during this open meeting to answer any questions you may have. Ballots will be mailed to all Active Members for voting after the Annual Convention.

Thursday 2:45pm

Beyond Certification: Demonstrating Sustainability in the Age of Big Data
By: Rupert Oliver, Mike Snow and David Venables

Rupert Oliver

Rupert Oliver is an independent forest products consultant and an internationally recognised authority on environmental issues, sustainable forest management and certification. Rupert has a degree in forestry and also worked for a number of years for the TTF in the UK, helping to coordinate the Forest Forever campaign. Rupert is a popular speaker at wood forums and conferences all over the world and is a regular contributor to the AHECconvention. 

Mike Snow

Michael S. Snow has been the Executive Director of the American Hardwood ExportCouncil (AHEC) since 1999, where he oversees the Council’s promotional programs around the globe, and manages AHEC’s overseas offices in Europe, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Previously, he served as AHEC’s Program Manager for Europe, China and Japan. Mr. Snow holds a Master’s Degree in International Economics from the George Washington University, and a BA in Developmental Economics from the University of Wisconsin. Before joining AHEC, Michael served as a Consultant on international education outreach programs for the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Associates, and spent several years in Seville, Spain teaching economics courses in English and Spanish for the University of Wisconsin.

David Venables

David Venables has been involved with the AHEC programs since 1995 taking over as European Director in April 2000. David has a specialized background in hardwood, a BS in Timber Technology and 30 years experience in the international marketing of hardwood products. Under his direction, the AHEC programs have increased their focus on architects & designers and, arguably, produced one of the most creative marketing campaigns ever for wood. David has also been responsible for developing and implementing AHEC’s unique and forward thinking environmental strategy. 

Friday 1:00pm

What's Your Uber?
By: Tom Morrison
Sponsored by Western Premium Woods

The future is coming at every industry faster than ever. 2020 is right around the corner and the #1 fear of most C-suite executives is the "UBERIZATION" of their business model. No industry is exempt from the "uberization" impact. Do your members know what their UBER is? They better or they will be left behind.

In a recent study by IBM, senior executives of thousands of companies stated that their #1 fear for the future was the "Uberization" of their industry or marketplace. This energetic and informative session will help provide the keys in researching and determining what future disruption is coming your way. 3-dynamic forces are changing every industry as it has the taxi, real estate, publishing and music industries. No industry is exempt from uberization. Over the last 5 years, disruption has transformed their industries putting the association and their members at risk for competing. The question is… Do you know what may be lurking your way that is going to create havoc in your industry. Tom Morrison will share 4 visuals every executive should be looking at with future business planning, the 3 dynamic forces causing disruption, the 3 reasons why disruption is happening and the 6 places it occurs. This is a must see keynote.

Friday 2pm

Hardwood Advocacy
By: Dana Cole, Executive Hardwood Federation

Join the Hardwood Federation to discuss how to advocate for your business at home and in Washington DC.  This will be an open discussion, so come prepared with questions, concerns and recommendations about federal lobbying strategies.

Dana Cole

Dana Cole, a native of Michigan, which is home to more than 250 hardwood businesses, began her career working for Governor John Engler as a policy advisor. She then spent eight years with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation in several roles where she promoted small and large businesses in the state, and successfully negotiated regulatory disputes. Dana joined Hardwood Federation as Executive Director in June of 2012. Previously, Cole had been at the 11,000-member National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) as the Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Board Secretary. While there she achieved many successes, including improving Board recruitment, retention, and satisfaction; streamlining and modernizing board management practices; raising non-dues revenue; and saving NAM members millions of dollars. 

Friday 2pm

Tomorrow's Global Markets
By: American Hardwood Export Council
Sponsored by Thompson Hardwood, Inc.

The world is full of new market opportunities. In this seminar, the American Hardwood Export Council will discuss where the new market opportunities lie for the hardwood industry. The greater China market is up 29.2% (as of April 2017). How much room is there for growth in China? Discover the answers to these and other global market questions when you attend this seminar.